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We value your privacy. We will carefully guard any and all personal information you share with us and we promise we will never sell or rent any of your personal information to any third party.


Due to massive privacy abuses by certain high-profile social media platforms, and others, government regulators have begun enacting strict new laws meant to better control the flow and misuse of personal information. The European Union, for example, has enacted the "General Data Protection Regulation" ("GDPR"), a bundle of pro-privacy laws with stiff penalties for those who abuse or get careless with personal information entrusted to them.

Although we are not based in the European Union, we may nonetheless be subject to the GDPR because we may, from time to time, have interactions with individuals who reside there. This page is been inspired by the desire to comply with the requirements of the GDPR.


When you visit a website — any website — you may share many different kinds of personal data with that website. Here are a few of the ways in which that can happen:

  • In order for your browser to bring a website to your screen it must share connectivity information with the website, such as for example, your computer's IP address.
  • If your browser is configured to allow cookies, it may exchange information about you with a website and possibly with third parties deployed on that website, such as, for example, advertising distribution services or social media linking services.
  • You may share information about yourself with a website by submitting email messages, filling out questionnaires, participating in online surveys, registering for services, signing up for newsletters, or making purchases.
  • If a website uses an analytics service, such as, for example, Google Analytics, it may learn things about you by observing how you arrived at the website, the pages you visited while using the website, how long you stayed on each page you visited, and where you went when you left the website.


We collect data related to you in several ways. We obtain it when your browser connects to our website and when you voluntarily share personal information with us. The following items illustrate the types of data we may collect.

  • Your browser will automatically send us your IP address and other small bits of technical information related to the connection between your computer and our server. The data associated with this connectivity is not, in and of itself, capable of identifying you as a specific person.
  • On our Contact page we ask you to voluntarily provide us with personally identifiable information such as your name, email address, and phone number. In addition, you may reveal to us other personal information depending upon what you type into the subject and message sections of the contact form.
  • We may also, from time to time, collect other personal information from you by means that may be other than electronic, such as by telephone and/or face-to-face contact. Because the nature of data collected in those ways could be quite varied, we cannot enumerate here what it might be.


Now, or inn the future, we may choose to collect other types of data about you by enabling the following data collection techniques.

  • Website cookies, as described in the "How You Share Information" section above, and, as discussed on our Cookies policy page, can provide us with information about your interactions with our pages.
  • Website analytics, as described in the "How You Share Information" section above, and, as mentioned on our Cookies policy page, can provide us with aggregated anonymized data about the behavior of you and others with respect to our website.
  • Additional electronic services may provide data to us, such as for example, a fee payment portal or a product purchase feature, both of which would require the voluntary revelation of credit card data and other personal information.
  • Conventional investigative techniques may also reveal many types of information about you. For example, we may "Google" your name in order to discover more about you. Our investigative purpose may be to better understand your needs as a client, or, it may be to get a sense of whether or not your relationship with us could be harmful to us.


All of the data you provide to us — by any method — will be used for the administration of our relationship with you. We will typically use it to tailor our services to match your needs and preferences. We may, of course, also use it for general correspondence with you and for internal accounting purposes.

The data you enter into our Contact page is used for responding to the questions or comments you send to us.

We may hire third parties to analyze certain aspects of the data we have gathered from you (and others) for the purpose of improving the ways in which we conduct our business. The data used this way is anonymized in the aggregate, meaning that none of the third parties become privy to your personally identifiable information.

We may, at some point in the future, use your personal contact information for the purpose of marketing some or all of our services to you. Sending you a newsletter, for example, would make use of your name and email address. In any such promotional effort, however, we will immediately grant any "opt-out" request received from you.

The address(es) and credit card data you may voluntarily provide to us may be used for the purpose of enabling financial transactions, such as payments for our services and/or products, as well as for the delivery of same.


If we have printed copies of your personal data we make sure it is safely maintained in our security conscious offices, and your digital data is maintained in a secure fashion on our computers and data-storage systems, including our remote data backup systems.

Information you have provided to us by way of our website's Contact page is encrypted and transmitted to us in a secure way. That security is evidenced by a small padlock icon in the address bar on that page as well as by the "s" in the "https" protocol also found in the address of the page. In fact, we use the http(s) security protocol on all of the pages on this site.


We may retain at least some of your personal information indefinitely. Typically that would be insofar as it may be useful in maintaining a complete archive of our business activities.


The personal information we collect about you will be accessible by the following people or business entities.

  • Our principle business team, including business owners, personal assistants, business assistants, data backup services, and/or website developers and managers.
  • You. At any time you may use the Contact page on this website to ask for, and to receive, a copy of any personal information we may have about you.
  • Law Enforcement. When presented with a warrant approved by a judge of jurisdiction, we will allow authorized investigators access to any of your personal data if that data is specifically identified in the warrant.


Along with your right to review your personal data, you also have the right to edit that data for completeness and accuracy. We agree to work with you to update, edit, and/or prune the data we have about you.


In the absence of exceptions, such as those listed in this section, we will agree to destroy the personal information we have collected about you when we receive a request from you to do so. Please note that we may be unable to destroy any or all parts of that data for the following reasons:

  • We may need to retain at least a portion of the personal information associated with your name in order to support a record of our business activities. Such a need could arise, for example, when a lender, or a potential partner, or the government (e.g., the IRS), requires a documented history of our business activities.
  • We may need to retain a minimum amount of information about you in order to support the general purpose indexing of our business activity archives.


Your continued use of this website and our other business manifestations will constitute acceptance of this Privacy Policy.


The primary custodian of any personal data you share with us will be Kathryn Brass-Piper. You can correspond with Kathryn via the Contact page on this website.